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Permabond ET503 - New Fast-Curing, Tough 2-part Epoxy

Permabond ET503 - New Fast-Curing, Tough 2-part Epoxy

Permabond has launched its new fast-curing, tough two-part epoxy, Permabond ET503.
This product has been designed not only to cure very quickly for an epoxy, but also to offer outstanding toughness and environmental durability. ET503 offers a fixture time in 6 minutes and a working strength in just 20.

Despite its rapid cure, ET 503 is very tough, and has excellent water, moisture and all-round weather resistance. This strength, and its ability to withstand whatever the weather may throw at it, makes this adhesive ideally suited to outdoor environments and applications. It will also bond underwater and even has resistance to saltwater!

Permabond ET503 bonds well to many substrates, including woods, metals, ceramics and some plastics (including ABS and polycarbonate.) In addition to its rapid cure at room temperature, this adhesive will also reach a very high strength when cured at 5°C. This makes it particularly suitable for carrying out bonding and sealing tasks outside in the cold. 
The adhesive has a light, dove grey finish once cured, but can be sanded over and painted if required.

Permabond ET503 Features & Benefits:
  • Bonds well to a wide variety of substrates
  • Very fast cure speed
  • Excellent strength and toughness
  • Excellent environmental durability; great outdoors
  • Resistant to water and humidity
  • Sandable & paintable
  • 1:1 mix ratio, easy to dispense
  • Solvent-free
  • Cures tack-free
  • Pale, dove grey finish - smart on appliances
  • Reaches excellent strength even in temperatures
  • as low as 5°C

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Permabond ET503 - New Fast-Curing, Tough 2-part Epoxy
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